Typos, Coughing Fits, and the Stomach Bug

The four to five days leading up to Adore didn’t go according to plan. But then again, isn’t that life? My husband and I both caught colds. A myriad of distractions kept popping up. And then about 2am the night before, a sweet little voice woke up me saying, “my tummy hurts.” You can guessContinue reading “Typos, Coughing Fits, and the Stomach Bug”

How God Got My Attention This Week

Confession: I wasn’t going to talk about my word, Restore, at Adore on May 14. I had already prepared another talk on Romans 12. But as I was leaving church the day before, my friend Stacey Thacker asked what I was going to talk about. When I told her, she said “I think you needContinue reading “How God Got My Attention This Week”

My Fried Hair

I visited a new hairstylist recently, excited for a small trim to clean up the ends of my hair. Instead, I found myself crying in my car afterward. Not because I didn’t like my cut or she messed up my hair, but because I messed up my hair. Because I learned my hair was dead. Fried.Continue reading “My Fried Hair”