Here are some of my favorite resources for Bible study. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links.


ESV Journaling BibleThis is my daily, go-to Bible. It gives me a distraction-free copy of Scripture and very little commentary.

NIV Cultural Study BibleI love this one for understanding the cultural context of a passage. Because the Bible was written for us but not to us, the commentary in this Bible helps explain Scripture through the ancient lens rather than our 21st century view.

She Reads Truth CSB BibleThis Bible is just so beautiful! It also has great context information. I like the readability of the CSB translation too.

YouVersion AppYou can download and read multiple versions of the Bible for free, but you can also listen to the passages as well.

ESV Bible AppThis is another good app with an audio version of Scripture.


Bible HubThis site allows you to read multiple commentaries at the same time, so you can compare.

Bible Study Tools

Women’s Evangelical Commentary – Old Testament
Women’s Evangelical Commentary – New Testament

Original Language Websites:

Blue Letter Bible

Bible Hub

Other Favorites:

Sharpie Pens (for note taking)

Muji Gel Ink Ball Point Pens (for writing in my Bible)

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