Bible Study

My passion is to provide the space for women to gather and learn how to study Scripture. I’m so glad you’re here! My prayer is that these Bible studies helps you:

• Release the bonds of a “perfect quiet time” to find deeper, richer time in the Word
• Build confidence as you learn how to study the Bible firsthand
• Discover truths about God and His Character
• Grow in your faith and knowledge in a way that produces fruit & life change

Feasting on Truth offers three different levels of Inductive Bible Study: Guided, Simple, or True Inductive. Each book is available on Amazon, with free teaching available to watch on YouTube or listen on podcast.

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Fall/Spring Bible Study

Unexpected Savior:
An Inductive Bible Study on the Gospel of Mark

Jesus came into Galilee, proclaiming the gospel of God, and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.”

– Mark 1:14-15

The Gospel of Mark challenges the expected ideal of the Messiah—not a conquering king or a wish-granting genie, but rather a man of sorrows and a suffering servant.

This short yet impactful account of Jesus’ life reveals the character of the One who came to save us. Jesus mourned the brokenness around Him: the sickness, the pain, the hardness of heart. He grew angry at the sin of those who led His sheep astray. He was the One who came not to be served, but to serve. He came to prove the faithfulness of God and provide unshakeable hope as we walk through hardships.

Jesus was not what they were expecting; He was better. And that’s good news!

This study is designed to provide a foundation for inductive Bible study and will help you: 

  • Release the bonds of a “perfect quiet time” to find deeper, richer time in the Word 
  • Build confidence as you learn how to study the Bible firsthand 
  • Discover truths about God and His character 
  • Connect the Old and New Testaments 
  • Grow in your faith and knowledge in a way that produces life change 

Fall Bible study will meet on Tuesdays at 7:30pm/et on Zoom starting September 5.

Guided Inductive Studies

These studies include questions to help guide your time in the Word. Unlike a standard question-based Bible study, the questions are designed to jumpstart your thinking and walk you through the observation process, while still allowing the Holy Spirit to be your ultimate guide. These are great options if you are new to inductive study, but they also provide the opportunity to go deeper for the more seasoned student as well.

Stories from the Wilderness

A Study of the Israelites Journey from Egypt to the Promised Land

The wilderness. It is a place that feels hard, empty, lifeless and pathless, and it often leaves us with questions about who God is. But while we see a place that is worthless, confusing, and chaotic, God sees a place to display His power. Time and time again throughout Scripture, God takes the worthless, seemingly wasteful, confusing, chaotic, and empty places and uses them as a backdrop to prove His character, draw us in, and display His glory.

To Dwell in
Our Midst

A Study of the Tabernacle and How It Points Us to Jesus

Why study this ancient tent? What does knowing the Tabernacle have to do with our faith on this side of the cross? Everything. This tent is not merely ritual or history or good information. It’s essential to understanding our salvation. Our detailed and deliberate God gave us the Tabernacle because one day, He would give us Jesus. It’s an invitation into a relationship with our Holy God. Discover God’s plan for salvation and relationship through Jesus Christ. 

Simple Inductive Studies

These studies focus on my favorite aspect of Bible study: God’s character. Each session, you write out the Scripture for that week and answer 2-3 questions meant to point you to His Character and purpose for the passage. These are great studies for the busy woman who wants to focus on the Word and His character or for the season you need small bits of Scripture.

Light & Life

An Inductive Bible Study Journal on Psalm 119

We hear it all the time: we need to read the Bible every day. But why is it so important that we know, understand, and apply this ancient book to our lives today? What’s in it for us?? In Psalm 119, we see over and over that God’s Word brings life, and it’s a light to guide us. If we truly knew the power the Word of God has in our lives, we wouldn’t be able to put it down.

Way Maker

An Advent Study Through the Book of Hebrews

Jesus’ coming was more than giving us forgiveness of sins or to part the way before us. He came to part the divide between God and us, between us and heaven. Jesus is our Way Maker, and no other book gives us a more comprehensive view of Jesus this way than the book of Hebrews.

True Inductive Studies

These studies utilize the Four Simple Questions as the basis of the study. These studies are for the woman who wants the flexibility to study and take notes on her own with little guidance.

By His Grace For His Glory

An Inductive Study Journal on the Book of Romans

Romans is foundational yet deep. It’s hard to understand yet simple. It is an incredibly powerful book that has been changing lives for centuries, and the truths in these 16 chapters have the power to change our faith too … if we let it. There are many familiar verses in Romans, and we associate this book the gospel and the Romans Road. But this book is so much more! Discover what it looks like to live by His grace for His glory.

The Gospel
of John

An Inductive Bible
Study Journal

This book is unlike the other three gospels in that it focuses on the deity of Christ. Instead of merely retelling the events of Jesus’ life, John gives us interpretation as well and shows how Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament. This study is broken into two 11-week studies: Chapters 1-10 and Chapters 11-21. All the teaching is available on YouTube or Seasons 1 & 3 of the Feasting on Truth Podcast.

Want to learn more about how to study the Bible?

Good Bible study is rooted in asking the right questions of Scripture. Get more in-depth teaching on Four Simple Questions to ask during Bible Study, plus tips and insights to help you go deeper in your time in the Word.