My passion is equipping women with the tools to discover God’s Truths for themselves. These journals and studies are designed to do just that: give you flexible structure that allows the Holy Spirit to teach and guide you. Each study also has a companion podcast.

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Way Maker: An Advent Study through the Book of Hebrews

The season of Advent is an invitation—an opportunity to slow down and take notice; to slow down and take in the wonder and miracle of Jesus’ birth; a season of reflection and anticipation. This Christmas may look different than what you had hoped or planned. So much has changed this year, but Jesus is still the same. He has not changed, and He has never let us go.

This study is not meant to be another “to do” on your list or create more stress in an already stressful season, but rather to point you to the reason He came in the first place. His coming was more than giving us forgiveness of sins or to part the way before us. He came to part the divide between God and us, between us and heaven. Jesus is our Way Maker.

•13 self-paced readings through the book of Hebrews designed to bring your attention to Jesus as the Way Maker
•Two simple questions and space to journal a prayer for each reading-Optional deeper study for each chapter
•Six devotionals to help further your understanding of the passages and provide encouragement
•A guided section to remember and reflect on the past year and see God’s character in your life

The Gospel of John: Chapters 1-10

The Gospel of John is unlike the other three gospels. While Matthew, Mark, and Luke focus on the events of Jesus’ life, John focuses on His deity. As one of Jesus’ closest disciples, he gives us an intimate look at our Savior, with miracles and stories not mentioned in the other gospels, while also showing how Jesus is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy.

Inductive Bible study can sound intimidating, but it’s nothing more than learning to study Scripture using your own heart and mind first with the Holy Spirit as your guide. Good Bible study is rooted in asking the right questions, and this journal is designed to give you a balance of both structure and flexibilty and help you:

• Release the bonds of a “perfect quiet time” to find deeper, richer time in the Word
• Build confidence as you learn how to study the Bible first-hand
• Discover truths about God and His character
• Grow in your faith and knowledge in a way that produces life change

His Word is an abundant feast, not only for our nourishment, but for our enjoyment. Find life-giving joy and excitement through Feasting on Truth. 

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