Unexpected Savior: Mark 4

The Gospel of Mark challenges the expected ideal of the Messiah—not a conquering king or a wish-granting genie, but rather a man of sorrows and a suffering servant. This short yet impactful account of Jesus’ life reveals the character of the One who came to save us.  Jesus was not what they were expecting; He was better. 

In this podcast, Erin Warren teaches through Mark 4. It’s easy to read these parables and translate them into “What do I need to do?” But as we pull back to see the structure and juxtaposition of these stories, Mark teaches us important truths about who Jesus is and why He came. He is sowing the seeds of the gospel. His Word is going out with purpose and with power as Jesus breaks ground for His kingdom. Jesus is our Source, the Truth, and has the Words of Eternal Life. Then, as he often does, Mark tells a story to illustrate the power of Jesus’ Word.



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