Unexpected Savior: Mark 2

The Gospel of Mark challenges the expected ideal of the Messiah—not a conquering king or a wish-granting genie, but rather a man of sorrows and a suffering servant. This short yet impactful account of Jesus’ life reveals the character of the One who came to save us.  Jesus was not what they were expecting; He was better. 

In this session, Erin Warren teaches through Mark 2. Mark continues to establish the authority of Jesus as he answers the question, “Who is Jesus?” Jesus continues teaching and preaching, showing His authority to forgive sins and over the Law. Employing the use of irony and another insider/outsider motif, Mark shows the error in the Pharisees addition to the various laws and Jesus’ fulfillment of it, ultimately reminding us that we get to enjoy the feast in the presence of God both now and for eternity.

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