Can God Be Trusted?

It’s been a hard week. A really hard week. (And for the first time in a long time, not because of my husband’s health – he’s doing so well! Praise God and thank you for praying with us). In the mess and emotion of the week, I lost sight of God. I took my eyesContinue reading “Can God Be Trusted?”

Finally! Good News!

I must admit: Romans 1, 2 and the first part of 3 were not my favorite. A positivity girl, I squirmed and grimaced my way through those first 81 verses. I told myself, “not me!” I wanted to point the finger at others. I wanted to only see the good in me, the positive sideContinue reading “Finally! Good News!”

Our Greatest Need

Mornings in our house look more like herding cats. Getting lunch boxes and backpacks and breakfast and shoes and socks. Oh the socks. One morning, while still upstairs, I reminded my son that he needed to bring his library book downstairs so he could return it that day. As all five us scurried about downstairsContinue reading “Our Greatest Need”