I’ve been leading and teaching Bible Study for several years and this podcast is a dream come true. I’ve long desired to have a platform to post teaching that is accessible and convenient when you miss a week or need to go back and listen again. And that’s just what this podcast is: it’s a companion to the Feasting on Truth Bible Study. Each week, I will post teachings to go along with your personal and small group study. But I’ll probably have some other fun additions along the way such as interviews, training, and other encouragement. Click below to subscribe on your favorite listening platform and, as soon as a new episode is released, it will be there waiting for you in your feed.

S9 Episode 4: By His Grace For His Glory – Romans 3 Feasting on Truth

The book of Romans is foundational yet deep. It is simple yet complex. It is an incredibly influential book that has been changing lives for centuries. Romans is the gospel truth that we need every day, and we will never reach an end to the treasures that await us in this powerful letter. Everything we have and all that we are is by His grace for His glory. In this podcast, Erin Warren teaches through Romans 3. In this section on God's Righteousness vs. our need for a Savior, Paul continues to set the foundation of the gospel exploring where we are without Jesus. We are all sinners, but there is good news. We are justified and redeemed through faith in Jesus Christ. But now, there is hope! These verses are some of the most compact, rich gospel explanations in the entire Bible. This podcast is a companion teaching to the Feasting on Truth Bible study. You can find more information, including a link to purchase the study book, at FeastingOnTruth.com/biblestudy. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 116:5-7; 11 Psalm 51:4 Isaiah 59:9-10 Leviticus 16:15-19 Hebrews 9:11-15 Ephesians 2:1-9 QUOTES NIV Application Commentary: Rarely does the Bible bring together in so few verses so many important theological ideas: the righteousness of God, justification, the shift in salvation history, faith, sin, redemption, grace, propitiation, forgiveness, and the justice of God.  Here, more than anywhere else in Romans, Paul explains why Christ’s coming means “good news” for needy, sinful people. William Barclay's Commentary: Finally, Paul says of God that he did all this because he is just, and accepts as just all who believe in Jesus. Paul never said a more startling thing than this. [Johann Albrecht] Bengel called it "the supreme paradox of the gospel." Think what it means. It means that God is just and accepts the sinner as a just man. The natural thing to say would be, "God is just, and, therefore, condemns the sinner as a criminal." But here we have the great paradox–God is just, and somehow, in that incredible, miraculous grace that Jesus came to bring to men, he accepts the sinner, not as a criminal, but as a son whom he still loves.  What is the essence of all this? Where is the difference between it and the old way of the law? The basic difference is this–the way of obedience to the law is concerned with what a man can do for himself; the way of grace is concerned with what God can do, and has done, for him. Paul is insisting that nothing we can ever do can win for us the forgiveness of God; only what God has done for us can win that; therefore the way to a right relationship with God lies, not in a frenzied, desperate, doomed attempt to win acquittal by our performance; it lies in the humble, penitent acceptance of the love and the grace which God offers us in Jesus Christ.
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