How To: Study the Bible

A few years ago at a conference, I heard Jen Wilkin say the following and it forever changed the way I look at Bible study: “We cannot be content being curators of other people’s opinions about a book we can’t be bothered to read ourselves.” Jen Wilkin I realized my entire Christian life I hadContinue reading “How To: Study the Bible”

Big Changes!

A few weeks ago, I took my kids to Magic Kingdom and, for the first time, explored Tom Sawyer’s Island with them. On the island, there’s a bridge made of barrels. As you walk across it, it’s hard to keep your balance. It feels unsteady as you bob up and down with each step. ItContinue reading “Big Changes!”

Finding My Words

Back in November, my writing coach and friend Stacey Thacker asked me when it was I first considered myself a writer. I knew the answer before she even finished her sentence: fourth grade. I had written a Christmas poem, and my mom walked into the copy room to find the teachers abuzz making copies ofContinue reading “Finding My Words”


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About Me

Hey y’all! I’m Erin! I love God’s Word and love helping women discover God’s Truths for themselves. I’m wife to Kris and mom to three. I love me some tacos and good coffee and a house full of people.

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