How To: What Does This Say?

A few years ago, I didn’t know how to open my Bible and study. My time with God consisted of opening up a book written by someone else first or (I hate to admit) flippantly opening scripture and randomly reading, Those who know me well know that order and consistency are not my strong suit. I think deep down I knew there was a better way, but every single reading plan or study method fell flat.

Then I discovered a simpler, less time consuming way to approach God Word, one that allowed flexibility, but also depth. And this was one of keys that I had always been missing: What does this say? I learned the importance of starting here (this includes context).

The Bible was written for us but not to us, so we must first answer some simple questions about context that help set the lens through which we study. Then we answer the question: What Does This Say? (which is really a 1-2 sentence summary of the passage).

In this workshop style session, I went deeper on these two aspects of Bible study. Because it was a workshop, there are some edits and blank screens to remove faces of others in attendance. Don’t worry if the video cuts out for a couple seconds!

How To: Workshop – What Does This Say?

2 thoughts on “How To: What Does This Say?

  1. Erin,
    I so love listening to you teach. Your authenticity pulls me right in and I am so grateful that you take the time to do these lessons for us. I have LOVED my independent study this summer… I am doing Hebrews. I have already learned so much following your guidelines and I am very grateful.
    Thank you for sharing these strategies with us. They are helping me grow in Jesus!!

    1. Oh Karen! Your kind words mean the world to me. I love hearing how you are growing and learning, and Hebrews is one of my favorites! You’re welcome back anytime!!

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