Bible Study

New Study Beginning Tuesday, September 1: John

The Gospel of John is unique from the other three gospels. While Matthew, Mark, and Luke focus on the miracles and the story, John focuses on the deity of Jesus. As one of Jesus’ closest disciples, John covers Jesus’ three years of ministry and offers a perspective that can only come from someone who walked closely alongside Him.

We will study John over the course of two semesters: John 1-10 during Fall 2020 (via Zoom) and John 11-21 in Spring of 2021.


I am excited to announce a new podcast, Feasting on Truth, as part of this Bible Study. The teaching each week will be posted so you can listen anytime!

Also, there will be a new Bible Study workbook available for purchase soon!

Suggested Study Plan

With this study, we will ask a set of questions each week. You can break these up across multiple days as best fits your schedule. You could do a question a day for five days or do 2-3 over a couple days. The beauty of this type of study is that you do not need to purchase a book and you can move at the pace you (or the Holy Spirit) need to.

Before You Begin:

Begin each day by rereading that week’s passage. Each day, try a different version or method. Here are some suggestions:

  • Start with ESV, NIV or another literal translation (not paraphrase)
    • Listen to the passage using a Bible app
    • Read a different translation each day (leaving The Message or The Voice for later in the week – when you’ve reached the application portion)
    • Compare the difference between the translations
  • Context: Because the Bible was written for us but not to us
    • Who wrote this book? To whom what it written?
    • When and where was it written?
    • What genre is this book?
    • What is going on in history during this time?

Weekly Study:

What does this mean?

  • Write a 2-3 sentence summary of this chapter.
  • What happens in this story/chapter/passage?
  • What is the author saying?
  • No interpretation

What does this say about God?

  • What characteristics of God do you see in this passage?
  • In light of Who God is, what do you learn about yourself?

What does this mean?

  • To the original audience?
  • To me?
  • What is the Holy Spirit drawing your attention to?

What do I need to do in response to these truths?

  • This is what separates you from doing just another bible study: the heart change
  • What can I pray for myself or others based on this passage?
  • Is there an action you need to take? A conversation you need to have? A moment of worship? Let go of something? Praise Him? A Word you need to carry with you and meditate on it?


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